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Kansas Wesleyan University

History and Faith

With faith, perseverance and the support of local businessmen and church leaders, Kansas Wesleyan University opened its doors in 1886. 我们的历史包括许多难忘的时刻,改变了我们的学生, inspired change and brought us to where we are today. 我们的大学从成立之初就建立在开拓精神的基础上. Church leaders forged the new Conference of the Northwest, garnering support for a new educational institution within it. 亨利·梅奥和丹尼尔·麦格克是第一批毕业的学生,他们相信我们的教师能把事情做好.  And they did.

卫斯理的学生师从一些最有才华、最世故的学者,如本·富森, who went to Iran on a Fulbright Scholarship and attended a world parliament, Paul Stucky, 他带学生去科罗拉多进行地质实地考察,并在墨西哥和秘鲁开设学习课程, Dr. George Taylor, 他后来成为了盐碱县历史学会的主席, and David Clark, 是谁让大约300名学生和社区成员通过卫斯理大学的望远镜看到了哈利彗星. Then there was Dr. Sue McDonald, who inspired the physics club to launch a weather balloon 96,000 feet in the air, 博士和. Yuan Chiang, 他为美国宇航局指导了一个石蕊试纸项目,其中包括尝试将纸的颜色变成紫色和金色!

In the early days of the university, 卫斯理社区的大部分人于8月8日成为第一联合卫理公会教堂的成员th Street; however, 缺乏交通工具和未铺设的道路使得参加服务变得困难, elevating the need for an on-campus church. 空间的限制很快激发了在街对面建造一座独立教堂的讨论. 卫斯理大学的教职员工捐赠了他们工资的一部分来资助这座教堂, which opened in 1917, as University United Methodist Church.

堪萨斯卫斯理和大学联合卫理公会之间的关系已经蓬勃发展了近一个世纪. Many of the ministers and staff received degrees from Kansas Wesleyan, 我们的许多学生成为教会的活跃成员和管理者.  你们今天看到的选举十字在校园的所有正式活动中都有佩戴. Carved on the cross are the KWU and UUMC letters, 象征着大学和邻近教堂之间的紧密联系.

卫理公会大学联合教会已经成为卫理会经历的一部分. Together, 大学联合卫理公会的牧师和校园事工提供了许多分享信仰的机会, 祈祷和对话,让所有信仰的学生感到欢迎,因为他们继续在他们的生活中寻找意义.

More than 10,000名学生发现了卓越的学术成就和精神发展的独特融合,为千亿国际登录的个人和职业发展奠定了完美的基础.


千亿国际登录的使命是促进和整合学术卓越, spiritual development, personal well-being and social responsibility.

Kansas Wesleyan provides an educational program characterized by excellence, within a caring community, rooted in the liberal arts tradition. The call of the university is to develop both intellect and character, 激发创造力和发现感,培养整个人的身体, mind and spirit. Diversity is embraced in curriculum, faculty and students.

千亿国际登录不仅培养学生的职业和专业, but also for lifelong learning. 这所大学培养学生在社区中担当领导的能力, for useful service in and to the world and for stewardship of the earth.

千亿国际登录提供了一个信仰和学习相结合的环境, 因为与基督教宣讲的相遇是大学生活不可分割的一部分. The university fosters the lively discussion of faith and values, 鼓励学生在基督教传统的基础上形成深思熟虑的个人世界观.

Kansas Wesleyan University serves the church, community and the world by providing a variety of resources for educational, cultural and spiritual enrichment. The aim of the university is to discover, 共建共享更高品质的生活和更广阔的视野.

Focused Vision Statement

千亿国际登录毕业生个人准备终身学习, 成功, responsibility and service by integrating excellence in academics, 在一个以信仰为基础和充满爱心的社区进行课外活动和体验式学习.


Current Students -这个愿景提醒我们的最终目标-过有意义和富有成效的生活. As members of the KWU community, 我们将为毕业努力学习,为一生的事业成功做准备, in our service to community and in our commitments to faith and family. With the support of the KWU community, we acknowledge the deeply valued bond between education, activities and service to the community. 我们的学生将尽我们最大的努力,在学术和社会上充分发挥我们的潜力. We will proudly strive to be winners in the classroom, in our sport, in the community and in our personal lives.

Prospective Students -这个愿景是对成功、支持和终身承诺的承诺. We will experience firsthand our opportunities for academic 成功, meaningful relationships and learning beyond the classroom.

校友 -这一愿景促使我们在职业生涯和社区中成为品格和服务的典范. 我们将坚持终身学习,并尽可能为我校在读学生提供辅导机会. 作为大学的倡导者,我们保持忠诚,联系和慈善.

教师 – this vision drives us to be teachers, 顾问和学者为每位学生提供毕业所需的支持, ready for a fulfilling life. 我们将提供一个教育经验,加强学术和专业技能, promotes curiosity, integrity, critical thinking, resourcefulness, service and stewardship of the earth.

工作人员 -这一愿景肯定了我们作为一个社区的目标,即提供优质的客户服务,并加强所有葵华大学成员之间的沟通. 我们将把大学打造成一个学生可以在学业和个人上取得成功的社区. In all aspects of our organization, we will demonstrate our commitment to and respect for KWU and each other.

Board of Trustees – this vision commits us to be advocates for KWU, support the financial well-being of the institution, 支持有准备和有动力从我校毕业的学生入学, ensure quality and integrity in instructional, 课外和体验式学习项目以及大学管理, foster a caring and supportive community and uphold KWU ideals of inclusion, compassion and service.

Community -这一愿景是一个承诺,即中大将成为萨利纳和周边地区的宝贵公民,并将努力建立通往世界的桥梁. 大学将利用其资源和专业知识造福社会,并欢迎学生有机会发展他们的思想, faith and skills as they discover the joy of serving others.